Don’t have a spare laptop for your web based inventory software? Try a Pi

I was working with a client  I asked if they had a computer near their office supplies so they can scan things on the way out. She said that they did not and they were not really planning on having a computer in the closet. I visited the office to get them set up on CloudSupply and asked the see the closet. I immediately understood why there were no plans to have a laptop or computer there. It was way too small of an area.

Being an engineer, I was thinking of ways to solve this problem and the first thing that came to my mind was to use a Raspberry Pi in the closet. Raspberry Pis are very small computers which you can buy kits for under $100. They would easily fit in this closet and you can even mount it to the wall.

I happened to have a Pi at home and decided to test it out. I plugged my barcode scanner into the pi and went to my CloudSupply instance and scanned an item out. It worked perfectly.

Here is the kit that I have and recommend:

You will also need a barcode scanner and a small monitor that accepts hdmi.

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