Clinical Office Supply Management

Clinical offices can benefit from CloudSupply. CloudSupply can track the medical supplies that they rely on to run their clinic. CloudSupply offers reorder prompts when supplies are getting low which will allow the clinics to save on shipping. They will not have to worry about getting rush orders or worse not have something on hand that they need for a patient. This is because they will be alerted at the correct time before running out of supplies.

CloudSupply also offers a user action log so the office manager can see what is being removed in real time. With CloudSupply being a cloud-based app, all users will see the same data at the same time.

If you are in need of Clinical Office Supply Management software, then request a demo below.

4665056902_8ce884e7ac_z 5 Jan

Replace the Church Inventory Sheet with a web based inventory software

Does your church track their supplies and inventory with a spreadsheet? Perhaps it is time to upgrade to a web based inventory software.

Spreadsheets are great and powerful but they are often difficult to us with multiple users and tend to be saved on single machines and shared via email. This means that you may not have the most up to date information on what is going on with your inventory.

CloudSupply offers a better way to manage your inventory and does it online. It can handle single sites or multiple sites. It is a very simple way to manage your church’s inventory with multiple users.

Please read below to try out our demo. If you like it let us know and we will get you start as soon as possible.


pi 4 Jan

Don’t have a spare laptop for your web based inventory software? Try a Pi

I was working with a client  I asked if they had a computer near their office supplies so they can scan things on the way out. She said that they did not and they were not really planning on having a computer in the closet. I visited the office to get them set up on CloudSupply and asked the see the closet. I immediately understood why there were no plans to have a laptop or computer there. It was way too small of an area.

Being an engineer, I was thinking of ways to solve this problem and the first thing that came to my mind was to use a Raspberry Pi in the closet. Raspberry Pis are very small computers which you can buy kits for under $100. They would easily fit in this closet and you can even mount it to the wall.

I happened to have a Pi at home and decided to test it out. I plugged my barcode scanner into the pi and went to my CloudSupply instance and scanned an item out. It worked perfectly.

Here is the kit that I have and recommend:

You will also need a barcode scanner and a small monitor that accepts hdmi.

scanner 30 Dec

Need a barcode scanner?

CloudSupply is a barcode inventory tracking software and it was built around the idea that barcode scanners would be used to remove stock. A barcode scanner is just a keyboard, as far as a computer is concerned.  To add barcode scanning to your computer, all you have to do is buy a usb barcode scanner.

The one that I use and recommend is below:

I tried this device on my MAC, Rasbperry Pi, and Windows machine and it worked just fine.


CloudSupply is a simple office inventory management software.